Group understands the importance of “Giving Something Back” which ensures our business practices are beneficial to our customers, employees, communities and the environment.

Giving something back is the dream that was inspired by our Directors. We understand the importance of sustainable community development, and not just giving for the sake of it. We are always keen to hear from Charities who share this same outlook of contributing to society by educating communities to care for itself – ultimate sustainable development!

For this reason we currently support Joint Aid Management

Joint Aid Management (JAM) is a Complete Community Development Approach (CCDA) and include Nutritional School Feeding and Interventions, Orphan and Vulnerable Childcare, Water and Sanitation, and Food Development that includes agricultural development and the production of food. Communities are trained alongside these programmes ensuring the opportunity for sustainable programme outcomes. JAM strongly believes that without education, there can be no development. JAM currently assists around 700,000 children through its Nutritional Feeding programme, as well as hundreds of thousands of additional beneficiaries through wider community development ensuring that we provide a hand up toward communities becoming self sufficient.