Coronavirus Statement

All of us are being forced to change our behaviours to deal with the rapidly changing situation that the new coronavirus is presenting. In line with the recent Government directive, all staff members are currently working from home, with occasional visits to the offices. 

We’d like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure safety of both our employees and contractors as well as our ability to provide you with recruitment services. 

Business Continuity

  • Skype services are in regular use for calls and meetings, including interviews with candidates.
  • Daily routines are in place to ensure no-one feels abandoned or out-of-touch.
  • Staff are receiving regular updates in line with Government and NHS protocols.
  • We are strictly following government guidelines regarding self-isolation and helping those with any relevant symptoms.

Our Contractors

  • Contractors have been advised of the risks of the virus and what to do if they believe they are at risk.
  • Advice will be updated as the Government issues further advice – currently daily.

As with all situations that are constantly evolving, we will endeavour to keep our information as up to date and relevant as possible, but the latest advice and guidance is available from the following helpful sites: